Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches his Own App

Narendra Modi Launches his Own App

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has launched his own app, ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’ on Wednesday, hence becoming the first Indian Prime Minister to take governance to the next level.

Narendra Modi, in order to step up his digital presence, has launched the app to provide instant updates about the PM`s insights and a peek-a-boo at the insides of his life.

Furthermore, the app provides an opportunity to stay connected to Modi, and allows the E-mails and messages to be received directly from the Prime Minister himself.

The android based application provides the people with a chance to interact with Narendra Modi and to share ideas and suggestions with him on various issues.

While the app show 100 downloads, the reviews are an unsettling figure of 5000. This surprisingly contrast is inexplicable but one thing is evident from the top reviews on the app; the Indians are appraising their PM for an attempt to come closer to his people.

Soon after launching the app, Moti tweeted: “Launched ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’. Come; let’s stay connected on the mobile! The Mobile App has several innovative features. You can download it from Play Store. Feedback is welcome.”

The description of the application reads, “Download the app and get the latest updates anywhere, anytime! Highlights of the Narendra Modi app include receiving the latest news and updates, exclusive opportunity to receive E-Mails & Messages directly from the PM and ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the PM.”

Also, the app allows its users to earn badges through to-do tasks and gain a direct access to Modi`s latest thoughts and his blogs.

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