Indian Director Desire to Become Assistant of Bilal Lashari after Watching “Waar”


After Watching the Pakistani Film “Waar”,Famous Bollywood Director Ram Gopal Varma is also Surprised and he desired to become the assistant of Pakistani Director Bilal Lasri who directed this Movie.

As Pakistani audiences , the Indian filmmakers are also shocked after watcing his movie and they seems inspired by Pakistani Talent.

In a message on social networking site by Ram Gopal Verma he congratulated Pakistani film makers on the success of Bilal Lashari’s Waar and the advised Indian filmmakers to watch the movie seriously .

Ram Gopal Verma apologized Bilal Lashari for watching the payrytd version and expressed best wishes for the future .

Bilal Lashari ‘s film have done 9 crore business successfully and broken the record of all Indian Movies in Domestic Cinema.

Pakistan’s blockbuster movie releases this month is based on the relations between Pakistan and India.Waar with te Huge budget of $ 22 million is telling the fact that why does Pakistan hate India.

Made in cooperation with the Pakistani army, the film is shown in conjunction with the India-Pakistan militants in operations against the Pakistani security forces.

The film’s director Bilal Lashari said that like any other action movie we want to show the victory of good over evil.Army fully cooperated in the preparation of the film.

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