Indian Bride Rejects Groom Over Failed Math Test

Indian Bride Rejects Groom

NEW DELHI: An Indian bride refused to marry only because of the groom failed to solve very simple math’s question.

The news agency AP quoted that on Wednesday of this week bride took the math exam but groom solved the question wrong, then bride walked out from wedding ceremony.

Groom was asked to subtract 15 and 6 i. He answered 17, which was wrong.Groom’s family tried hard to convince the girl but she refused. She said that she has been misled according to boy’s education. Even first grade’s student can solve this question but he couldn’t.

Bride’s father Mohar Singh said that groom’s family kept us in dark about his education.Police Officer Kumar said, local police made reconciliation between the two families, and all jewelry and gifts returned by both sides which was exchanged before marriage.

One such incident took place last month when a groom got attack during marriage and bride was married to a guest at wedding. It also argued that the girl was unaware of the boy’s illness.

In India, most marriages are arranged by the family’s wishes so bride and groom do not get any chance to know about each other that’s why such kind of incidents took place.

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