India is No Safer For Woman,Kareena Kapoor

Kareena KapoorMumbai:  Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has said that India’s economic capital and the film city Mumbai is not safe and secure for women now a days.

Kareena Kapoor at the launch of a mobile app in Mumbai that “This is not the  old Mumbai as it was two years ago, I used to feel safe here but  because of some incidents those took place in Mumbai  I am afraid.

Stating the reason that Kareena Kapoor said: In Shakti mill rape with a journalist has afraid and scared me a lot, Adjacent to my residence a foreign woman was raped also raped. She said that while shooting of films sometimes she kept busy late night and return home is delayed.

She told that her mother get very upset when she is out for shooting and she wakes till Kareena reached home because her mother thinks that she is not safe outside and cannot walk freely without any kind of fear.

Kareena Kapoor also admitted that rape cases are frequently happening all over the country now a days and nobody taking strong action to stop them. She said that public education and awareness for prevention is needed in order to change the thinking of people. With this, she also Emphasize of awareness among women about their rights.

However, she expressed satisfaction that the last days rape laws have been more strict, she said, under This law strong and proper punishes should be given to the culprits and police should do the duty in proper way and in the result this kind of cases will not happen any more in the whole country.

She expressed concern over the situation of woman in rural areas of India and said that Government of Idia should take proper action immediate notice the violence against woman and Ngo’s should also play their positive ans effective role for the betterment of woman in India and should spread awareness.

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