India has Imposed 200% Duty on Pakistani Products

India has imposed 200% duty on Pakistani products except one thing and that is Khewra salt which is very essential for them.

Khewra Salt is used in all religious activities. They made an agreement with Pakistan in 1947 that Pakistan will export this salt in war & in peace.

 This is the treaty between the two countries like the water treaty that no country will stop the water of each other but they did. They are getting this salt through Wahga border & exporting all over the world by labeling A’s Indian origin product and They have named it Himalayan salt.

They make multiple other products with this salt which have numerous benefits. This pink salt mine is only at Khewra (Pakistan) and there is no other pink salt mine anywhere in the world. This was discovered by Alexander the great 300 BC years ago. The worst part is that shipment to New Delhi is cheaper than Karachi and India earns billions of dollars from Pakistani salt .While Pakistan makes just a few million by exporting through wagha border.

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