How to Celebrate Father’s Day 2015

Fathers Day 2015

How to Celebrate Father’s Day 2015.

A father- child relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. A father is that one person who assures you that you look beautiful, even if you are wearing rags and deep inside you know you look anything but that. A father is that one person who is going to laugh at the lamest of your jokes and tell you that you are funny, when the others just sit back, batting their lashes and rolling their eyes at you. A father is that one person, who is going to break the ‘men do not cry’ rule for you, and shed a tear or two out of pride and ecstasy at your graduation day. A father is that one person who puts up with your endless queries when you are still learning to talk. He will play the horse for you; smear paint all over his face only to make you laugh. He will work endlessly for you, without expecting gratitude from you in return.

Surely we do not require a particular day to cherish this important person in our lives, but sometimes, one special day makes a lot of difference. Several countries, including UK, observe 21st June as the Father’s day, unfailingly, with increased excitement and exuberance every year.

The father’s day 2015 is just around the corner and the festivity is already in the air! The shops have already started stocking up on father’s day gift items. With increasing influence of media over the people, more people celebrate father`s day each year, buying gifts and cards for the most important men in their life.

The father’s day became an official celebration in 1966 but the practice to pay homage to the fathers originated when a mining accident in Monongah killed 361 men out of which 250 were fathers. It was then suggested that all the mourning, fatherless children should pay a tribute to their dead fathers and that the entire area should honor the deaths of those innocent fathers.

The day and the style of celebration of father’s day may differ in countries, but the purpose of the day, that is to foster lover, care and respect for the valuable person that a father is. In fact, the day is not solely restricted to fathers, but the love engulfs step-fathers, grand fathers, uncles or any other father-like figure in its immensity too.

The day is celebrated with remarkable zest amongst children, as they go through elaborate measures to please their dads. These ‘elaborate measures’ range from presenting flowers, gifts, preparing his favorite meals for him to something as dramatic as getting a haircut for his approval. A father-son relationship is one of the most difficult of all. With male egoism on both sides, clashes often take places between the two due to the communication gap. Therefore, most sons utilize this day to express the clandestine feelings for their dads. Parties are thrown and the day ends up with teary-eyed thank you-s and warm hugs; a befitting end to such an auspicious day!

The day is yet to make its grand appearance so here are a few measures that you can take to make your father’s day 2015 uber special, precisely like the way he has been treating you!

The first thing to bear in mind is that it is his big day, and so he deserves to be treated like a king. Help him relax by creating a peaceful environment at home, treating him extra nice by bringing his tea to his bed or making him his favorite breakfast.

Remember that it is not always materials that demonstrate your love for someone. You should throw him a surprise party or arrange for a picnic so that it gives him some time to enjoy some family time which the dads usually do not get due to the work load.

Furthermore, now is your chance to display your creativity. Impress him with your artistic skills! Now these could include baking him a cake, singing him a song, sketching his portrait, or making a scrapbook of all the precious moments spent together! Money can surely buy you gifts but it is these attempts that will tell him how important he is for you.

Nevertheless, by the end of the day, nothing is going to make him more joyful than knowing how much your children love you. It is the only reward they expect from us for all their hard work, and if a hug and something as simple as ‘I love you and I am proud of you, dad’ can work wonders, then why not?

I hope you make the most of the opportunity of getting closer to your dad, and choose on the right actions to show how much he is cherished. Happy fathers day to all the super dads out there, cheers!

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