How The Media Can Manipulate Our Viewpoint

Media  Manipulate Our Viewpoint

That’s the million dollar question. Given that “the media” tends to give us what we want to hear rather than objective facts, you’ll probably have to look elsewhere. Generally that means you’ll have to be very close to any news story or field of study or whatever else it is you want to analyze and actually make the observations yourself. Since that’s nearly impossible to do with more than a few things the best you can hope to do for everything else is make assumptions about the credibility of any fact, base your opinion on that and then acknowledge that you’re probably still wrong.

In this new world of instant information, it makes it easy to jump to conclusions. There is so much “breaking news” that gets reported before the facts are even out.

If something happens locally, I get notified via Twitter/Facebook/push alerts from local news sites. If something happens nationally I get notified via Twitter/Facebook/AP.

It’s good to be connected and know what’s going on with the world, but sometimes you have to sit back and try and process what is actually going on. People and the media try to bend stories to fit their own agenda.

I know I’ll probably sound “get off my lawn” but the newer generation is used to getting their news from the internet where anyone can post anything. And people will mistake opinion for fact. For a recent example, check out the thread about Gibson showing up to summer tours and taking guitars from bands.

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