How KFC Made People Fool on the Name of Azadi Offer

KFC was promoting for Azadi Deal since last week that you will get free chicken bucket on showing selected coin well it was simply a scam ,when people went their they said chicken is out of stock but it was a lie.

There are many video circulating on the internet in which you can see they had chicken stocked but they refused to give in for the promotion. Managers were unable to answer customers. Seriously this is not how you treat your customers

Here is the promotional Video of Azadi Offer:

It happens all over the country including Lahore, Karachi. Children were excited getting coins found by their parents and but they disappointed. Few days ago Burger Lab gave Firehouse for the complete announced time at Rs. 49/and they full filled their commitment.

People are bashing KFC on their Facebook page and giving negative reviews. Hundreds of people wasted their time by standing in queues for long hours but at the end they got nothing.

One the victim saying:

It’s 14 August and KFC came out with a deal on 50 pasia old coin they will give a bucket free. These people came and they closed the open. It’s definitely disrespect towards these people. These people wasted heir time to get this deal. The manager and staff refused to take these people in. This is the Hydri branch.

Please stop ripping and fooling people. Your outlets are already out of stock even before 1 pm. I don’t understand if you don’t have the capacity as a company to cater to the demands then why spend million in just the advertisement of these campaigns.

Here are some reviews from their official Facebook Page.

Customer Claims to Have Found A Deep Fried Rat in His KFC Meal

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