Heavens unleashed,Neelum Valley of Pakistan

Neelum Valley
Taobat, last town in Neelum Valley.

Land of blue waters, panoramic valleys and breathtaking greenery, home to God’s manifestations of beauty in nature is the Neelum Valley, one of Pakistan’s most enchanting tourist destinations. Those who have set foot on this land call it heaven on earth.

Scenes like this never tire the eyes. Neelum Valley.

Neelum valley is the name given to the areas surrounding the Neelum River. The word Neelum means “Blue” and the name certainly holds true for the bluish green Neelum river.

Is This the Real Heaven ?

The valley is known to relatively few people, even in Pakistan, and due to its isolation and most of all lack of proper infrastructure it is free of mass tourism, pollution and globalization (although many houses now do sport satellite T.Vs) and hence sometimes referred to as ” Virgin” beauty.


Neelum Valley is situated mostly in Azad Kashmir. The region is volatile due to the presence of LOC or line of control, a ceasefire border between Indian Kashmir and Pakistani Kashmir. In India the Neelum River is referred to as Kishenganga river.

Another Breath taking view

The 200 km long valley boasts of lush green mountains, beautiful glacial streams, a roaring blue river and fruit trees. All this beauty is enhanced further by the local wooden huts built in traditional manner, terraced fields, fresh and crisp mountain air, friendly hospitable people and above all an absolute lack of urban lifestyle.

The Neelam Valley River

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