Heatwave in Pakistan Leaves 700 Dead,No Space for Dead in Hospitals

Heatwave in Pakistani

Heatwave in Pakistan Leaves 700 Dead,No Space for Dead in Hospitals.A lethal heat wave has struck Sindh, including the capital Karachi. An estimated 700 people have been killed across the province and the death toll is expected to rise as hospitals keep on filling up with patients.

Karachi experienced the hottest day of the year on Saturday the 21st of June when temperature soared over 46 degrees Celsius.

Jinnah, Abbasi Shaheed, Civil and Lyari general Hospital are central in this chaos with most victims and deaths taking place in Jinnah hospital.

The head of the emergency department of Jinnah Hospital Dr. Seemin Jamali, shockingly reported that an approximate 200 people were brought to the government owned facility either dead or died inside the hospital. Dr. Jamali said that most of the deceased were senior citizens. She also said that the victims of the heatstroke had severe fevers.

Karachi Heatwave

Civil hospital official Dr. Muzaffar Husain stated that around 70 fatalities have taken place whilst the number of patients in critical condition is still to be determined. Senior director KMC, Dr. Salma Kausar, confirmed 27 deaths in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital on Saturday.

The already anhydrous Sindh burned all weekend long as the heat wave took 2 lives in Jacobabad and Larkana, as stated by the Sindh Secretary for Health, Saeed Mangnejo. He took the public in confidence by claiming to cancel all leaves of doctors and increasing medical supplies

Doctors and experts have firmly advised people not only to evade exposure to the sun but also not to ignore the symptoms such as severe and constant headache, fever, breathing problems or dizziness.

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