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Should ‘Heart’ be the symbol of ‘Love’?


By : Asad Kamal Abbasi

Do you believe one could ever give some shape to emotions? A distinct shape? Well no one actually could! But, wait! If one couldn’t give a definite shape to emotions and feelings, then what does that heart shape,  that is not actually the shape of a heart, has to do with love? Do we not see that heart denoting love all over the world? Wonder what could be the reason for that universal acceptance of heart shape as a symbol of love. But for me, the symbol of love, if there should be any, should be a ‘circle’. And I have reasons to support my proposal. And the reasons are many so let me list the three most influential ones that made me think over this symbol. So here we go.

Firstly, let us draw the shape of a heart. Consider a cone with two semicircles at the top of it or to put it more simply, there’s a V shape with two adjoining semicircles on its top. So what do we get? A heart! No matter what way do we choose to make the shape of a heart, we will always find that there is a clear beginning and a definite end in drawing it. This is a flaw that cannot be accepted to be related to love in any way. True love does not begin from a point but it’s inherent. Neither does it end anywhere but is eternal. This being point number one proving the inappropriateness of the shape.

The second point I wish to explain is the contrasting shapes that combine together to make a heart. There is no uniformity in the figures that add up to make a heart. There’s a V shape, or an incomplete cone shape, semicircles, edges. These all render the feeling that it denotes meaningless. In love there is uniformity, there is equal place for everything and the same uniformity is maintained through the thick and thin. Love does not alter over time. Neither does it have edges to affect its course.

The third and the most appealing reason for the preference of a circle, over a heart, as a symbol of love, is the innate presence of circular things in our nature. Man made heart shape is based on a lie, as it significantly deviates from the original heart shape, whereas circle is made by the God Himself,  who is also the creator of Love. Our nature itself proves its authenticity, as most of the things that we cannot live without are in circular form.  The sun is round shaped so is the moon, the earth, the galaxies and the numerous small and big things in the universe. The tree trunks have circular loops, blood cells are circular, apple, the fruit that Adam and Eve were tempted to eat too was circular. Aren’t these reasons enough to support the notion that love should better be symbolized by a circle and not a heart?

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