A Girl Exposed Imran Khan


Islamabad: A Girl Exposed Imran Khan: Imran went to Bani Gala Palace, CM KPK to Frontier House, and rest of PTI mainstream leaders gone to Serena Hotel and Marriott Hotel for getting sleep. He had promised with his devotees of PTI that he won’t be leaving the long march until his dream come true and Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Shareef will resign from his seat. He said that he would always be with his people but he went to his house for sleeping and his party workers were sleeping on Road.

He asked for permission from his party workers to leave for home but they denied his request ans forced him to stay with them but after 3 hours imran Khan gone from their.On this act of Imran Khan their party workers specially youngsters are very angry.

Watch the Video here…


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