Ghost at Karsaz Road Karachi Caught in CCTV Footage

Karsaz Ghost Karachi

Karsaz is a documented place where in the 70s a ghostly woman used to haunt car driver and there are many witnesses of watching Ghost at Karsaz Road Karachi.Many people died because of it.So the government ordered the Aalims of that time to resolve this matter.The Aalims inserted nails in the ground all around the Karsaz road to banish the entity it was never again seen after that. But recently there have been some road work going around karsaz which could have uprooted one of the nails placed there and the barrier must have broken. That is why she has appeared again, as foe the video try watching it on bigger screen you will definitely see her.

Ghost at Karsaz Road Karachi Caught in CCTV Footage : Watch the Video

This footage of Ghost at Karsaz Road Karachi is not recorded by Geo News. This has been created by someone else. Geo Anchor did not say that he is going to show the Ghost video.

People saying that This is the the true story behind her. She was a cabare dancer back in the 60s who was raped and left for dead in the area which is now known as Karsaz.

She kept asking for people to help her while she was bleeding to death, she died that night. But she kept appearing on the road after that asking for people to help her get home, people used to help her but also wanted to take her to a hospital. She used to make them go to her house which was known as the Laal kothi, she used to make them wait outside so that she can bring money. But after going in she never used to come out, so the people used to ring the bell of the house to ask for her. Her poor father always used to answer the door and tell the poor guy that she died a long time back.

The shock and the fear of the incident used to kill the helper, many people died because of this then the government of Pakistan asked some aalims to stop her.

They used the teachings of Quran to form a hisaar on the Karsaz road by planting nails on both sides of the road. Some months back many people saw that some part of the service road on Karsaz was dug up for maintenance on a sewer line.

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  1. We have seen her last night it was 12;30 am. As we turned from main sharae faisal to karsaz road. Just about 40 meters before a road turns for mohammad ali society there she was walking in the bushes in red clothes. I think no body dare to walk at this time…

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