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Funny Pakistani Relationship Lines Will Surely Bring Smile on Your Face

Funny Paki Relationship

Funny Pakistani Relationship Lines Will Surely Bring Smile on Your Face

Pakistani people are awesome,specially the way they get into relations.They express their felling with really unique style, specially when girls addressed their beloved.On the other side boys also treat them like princess and they both have unique names for each other.Some of the Nick names are Really funny Likes “Janu” and “Shona”one thing that makes Pakistani Relationships different from others is funny Tricks of Emotional black Mailing that is really funny.For Example:

Funny Pakistani Relationship Lines7

While talking on phone with each other they face many problems,One of them is,

The Common problem of Approximately Every Girls is..

Funny Pakistani Relationship Lines2

There is another kind of Emotional Black Mailing that could be seen in only Pakistan,Hope that “Sarah” could be never ever found on this planet.

Funny Pakistani Relationship Line

They care each other just like Husband Wife instead of Girl Friend or Boy friends,Example can be seen below.

Funny Pakistani Relation

“Kanjoos Type of Janu Trying to be Over Smart”

Pakistani Relation Line

The First Date,Never forgotten:

 Pakistani Relations

Most Common Dialogue of Every Lover :

Pakistani Relationship Line

“Pakistani Logic”

Pakistani Logic

Seems Like Over Acting ?? or Possessiveness ??

Funny Pakistani Relationship Lines5“Family Planning”

Pakistani Relationship Lines

Calling Your Best Friend’s Crush Bhabi is the Pakistani Way of Proving Friendship.

Funny PakistaniDesi Relationship Struggle:

Funny Pakistani Relationship Lines4
Courtesy : Comics by Arslan

Possessiveness on It’s Peek.

Funny Pakistani Relationship Lines8The “Besharam Janu”

Relationship Lines

These lines are quite funny yet cute.These lines are just for fun purpose we didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s emotions and feeling.Most of the people are habitual of speaking or Listening these cute lines or Dialogues.Sorry for revealing their secrets but do not take it Personal and Enjoy : – )

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