Freedom fighters risking their lives to build a school in Karachi?

Freedom fighters risking their lives to build a school in Karachi??!!!! What message was given to Madonna by these two? What are they trying to tell the world about what sort of place Pakistan’s biggest city is? Read some of the comments by foreigners who think they’re heroes for doing that.

Hundreds of thousands of girls study here even in co ed. They travel in public transport and reach home. They are proud of their community, nation and country. There are expats who believe Pakistan is still a great country to live in.

Yes we have issues like all countries including the west— they have drugs,Drunk Driving To Everyone’s Peril, crime, legal prostitution, harassment, no gun laws and pay women less than men even in liberal Hollywood and corporate world.

And try stepping into downtown Chicago, LA after dark. I was especially warned by a white caucasian woman to never do that as she was shit scared to get out of the area while we were at work. And oh not to mention beyond Central Park onto Harlem even in daytime NY.

Why don’t our Pakistani friends protest that? And urge US people on global platforms to build schools in those life threatening areas? There has to be a tab kept on such people by government and intelligence agencies as to what they are projecting about our country and whose agenda they are working on.

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