“Flat is furnished and bright, but not for Muslims’

Mumbai Appartment

Recently, India’s property buying and selling company posted an ad for selling flats on the site of an advertisement website written in clear terms that Muslim Buyer does not bother. Property buying and selling advertising messages to buy flats in Mumbai is based on religious discrimination; Maharashtra Minorities Commission said that such discrimination against Muslims is nothing new.

This ad was posted on the site called 99 acres and has now been removed from the site on Friday morning but there were dozens of other ads that clearly mentioned that house or flat Muslims not for Muslims.

Munaf Hakim, chairman of the Maharashtra Minorities Commission said that last year they have received several complaints and we are thinking that which kind of action can be taken against the agent who was published this ad

He said: “We have taken action against societies in the past and in this case we will also do something serious after talking with officials concerned.

The social worker Shehzad Poonawalla ad from the National Minorities Commission had also complained. On a TV channel said Mr. Poona Can you imagine that wearing a hat or a bearded Muslim in Mumbai is facing what kind of difficulties.

After receiving the complaint, the head of National Commission for Minorities Wajahat Habibullah has said that “This ad is highly objectionable. It has been mentioned just like the Muslims are part of the furniture … we are considering what we can proceed. “

The correspondent Suhail Haleem Mumbai and other Muslims in major cities of the country avoid rent or sell a flat and Star Imran Hashmi and several Bollywood celebrities has also face such kind of discrimination. Imran Hashmi,Shaban Azmi,Shahrukh Khan and many other famous personalities also  still trying to buy flats in Mumbai .

Latest ad was posted by  jasantha Real Estate Company for  a two bedroom apartment to be sold for Rs three crore have clearly mentioned in ad flat that furnished and bright flat, but not for Muslims. “

This flat is located in Dadar’s Hindu Colony, which organizers claim only vegetable eater’s membership in the Society. But social workers say it is an excuse to Muslim societies.

The website also said in a statement that the agent is responsible for this act for posting biased as on the on the website, and they have more than four million ads on their website so this is not possible for them to view every single ad so don’t blame them for this ad

The company says that they are trying to develop a more efficient system that does not happen again.

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