Fifa Presidential Elections Postponed till February Next Year

Fifa Presidential Elections Postponed till February Next Year

The Universal Association for football, Fifa, has announced its presidential elections to be held on 26th February 2016 during an extraordinary elective Congress meeting.

Previously, Sepp Blatter, was re-elected as the President at the Zurich meeting but announced his resignation only four days later, amid the corruption allegations surrounding the organization.

The deadline for the possible candidates to apply for the prestigious position has been declared to be 26th October.

Most of the officials of the Universal Football have asked Michel Platini, the UEFA President, to run an election campaign for the Presidential position.

Initially it was thought that the elections might take place in December, as several territorial football confederations had thought.

By the time of the new elections, it would have been 9 months for Sepp Blatter.

Prince Ali bin Ah-Hussain, the runner up to 79 years old Blatter in the previous elections, has demanded Blatter to quit the position immediately.

Ali believes that Sepp’s resignation should not be withheld for long and that he should leave the position without further ado.

He further improvised, “A deadline should be set to talk about the elections and the corrective measures before them.”

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