Fearless Old Woman Filmed Scolding ISIS Militants

Fearless Old Woman

This old lady has lived thru thick and thin and she is giving divine advice to these militants ISIS. What jihad these ISIS are doing. Nothing but killing innocent people. People suffer from their own doings. Is this JIHAD? This is not JIHAD in the true meaning of Islam. They are barbarians, Heartless species and Islam is a peaceful religion.

It’s almost like she was sent from God to warn the wrong doing Muslims who think they are doing good in the name of Allah how good it was when she said God is watching you. She’s a true brave elderly woman to the core and gave a brilliant advice to the shameless guys.

This Video is circulation on Social Media sites, many people are claiming that they are ISIS members but it does not matter if these guys are ISIS or not, but focus on what the lady is saying which is much more important.

Watch the Video :

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