Fawad Khan Taking Heed from Karan Johar?

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan had previously reported that he walked out of Battle for Bittora due to schedule clashes but news has something different altogether!

According to a Bollywoodlife report, Karan Johar turns out to be the mentor for Fawad Khan these days, since besides working with Fawad in the romantic drama film, Kapoor and Son, the director has also signed the actor in another Dharma film. The official announcement is yet to be made, however, word on the street has it that the movie will be starring our home-grown talent, Fawad Khan, and the experimental, Kangana Ranaut, in lead roles.

The Bollywoodlife report confirmed that Fawad declined the movie adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s novel on the versatile director’s advice.

KJo confided with the Pakistani actor that he thought Rhea Kapoor’s production not very supportive of Fawad’s rising career in Bollywood.

Taking heed, Fawad followed league by giving up his lead role in the movie, Battle for Bittora. Not solely that, the star rejected Sohail Khan’s movie due to its not-upto-the-mark script and also refused to act in Ramesh Turrani’s daughter’s directorial debut.

Presently, Fawad is seen more cautious about his decisions to opt for the roles offered to him in the hopes that he might just be another hit offered to the Bollywood cinema by KJo, bearing in mind his past record with Alia Bhatt and Rani Mukherjee, the dusky star has chosen just the right person for his guidance.

The certainty of the report’s claim is yet to be confirmed but we only hope that our Pakistani pride end up taking the right decisions for his career!


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