Fasting Can be Forgone in Extreme Heat: Mufti Naeem

Mufti Naeem

Acclaimed religious scholar, Shaik-ul-Hadith and head of the Jamia Binoria, Mufti Naeem has issued a Fatwa instructing the public not to fast in extreme heat.

As per him, people, especially the elderly, sick and children, should not fast if their well-being is in jeopardy or if their doctor has advised against it. In circumstances such as the ongoing heatwave in the country, a fast can be excused.

Mufti Naeem further stated that a Qaza fast can be observed later by those who were incapable to keep them will not incur Kaffara. His significant comments emerge in light of the fatal heatwave which has claimed more than 800 lives in Karachi alone.

The harsh heat coupled with a deficiency of water and electricity load shedding has resulted in people forced not to keep a fast.

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