Pakistanis Fall for Fake Viral Video Related Hidden Spy Chip in Samsung Batteries

Hidden Spy Chip in Samsung Batteries NFC

Pakistanis Fall for Fake Viral Video Related Hidden Spy Chip in Samsung Batteries.The old maxim, ‘never trust the internet’ has never been more appropriate.
Currently, a video on Dailymotion, which features two men explaining how the number of ‘leaked’ footages from the smartphones on the internet has suddenly increased so much, has gone viral.

According to the ‘well-informed’ men, all Samsung have a ‘spy chip’ in them, which causes your private information, including the pictures and videos, to get uploaded on the internet and anybody can watch them on the internet then.

This information caused havoc in the Pakistanis and a lot of people opened their batteries of their devices, destroying the supposedly evil chips.

The men further revealed that this chip, namely NFC, is also responsible for heating your phone.

The truth, however, has met the light of the day, and it so happens that the video making it rounds on the internet is basically a hoax.

The aforementioned NFC, standing for Near field communication, is a chip indeed found in a smartphone`s battery but it is serving an entirely different purpose. Being an updated version of RFID, NFC assists data transfer between devices in close proximity of each other. It is used for several functions, some of them being the use of Bluetooth and WiFi.

Most importantly, NFC is being hailed as the future of payments. It has eradicated the former trend of using plastic cards for making monetary transactions.  Now the payment can conveniently be made through your smartphone, hence proving that the NFC chips are definitely not spy chips.

Watch the Video :

Pakistanis Fall for Fake Viral Video Related… by mohsinxia

This brings us back the video, which has already managed to bag more than 100k views. Several people rendered their NFC chips useless, thanks to the phoney clip.

Since there are no gatekeepers on the new media, the authenticity of the data uploaded cannot be regulated. Therefore, it rests upon our own shoulders to check the facts before foolishly believing such bluffs.

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