European Union Leaders agree to relocate 40k Migrants

relocate 40k Migrants

The prominent leaders of European Union, holding late-night discussion in Brussel, agreed to relocate 40k Migrants from Greece and Italy.

The talk held on Thursday night in Brussel over the issue of the illegally migrated people came to the conclusion that the EU leaders would speed up the relocation of the tens of thousands of migrants seeking a better lifestyle in different countries of Europe.

The summit chairman, Donald Tusk, informed that 40’000 migrants from Italy and Greece will be settled in the European states within two years.

Moreover, he provided that 20’000 refugees from the countries effected with civil war will be relocated who are currently outside the European Union.

As per the reports, the French President, Francois Hollande expects most of these refugees from Syria and Iraq.

However, there is no fixed quota of refugees for any country.

Whilst talking to reporters after the official meeting, Donald Dusk told that “The leaders of the European Union have agreed that 40’000 people from Greece and Italy looking for refuge will be relocated to other states within the next two years.”

The details about the settlements of the refugees are yet to be confirmed.

Mr Tusk further improvised, “The scheme will be finalized by the interior ministers by the end of July”

The aforementioned scheme was termed voluntary when some eastern European nations refused to accept the predetermined quota.

Hungary and Bulgaria also opted out of the scheme, which infuriated the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who termed the plan “modest”.

UK too chose its way out of the scheme by making use of one of its exceptions agreed in the EU Lisbon Treaty.

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