Emphasis on the provision of high speed Internet service in Pakistan


Experts say the move including education and health sectors would help in achieving development goals.

For the development of modern technology in Pakistan, Activists emphasized the importance of expand high-speed Internet system in the country and said that the move contribute to achieving the development goals in various sectors including education and health.

Subsidiary organizations of the United Nations ‘ International Telecommunication Union (ITU), point to the increase the number of Internet users around the world regularly said that by the end of this year the number of people will reach approximately  2.7 billion.

In  the recently released annual report of  (ITU)  related to  The spread of information technology, about Pakistan statistics are  not encouraging because there are less than 10 percent people are using the Internet.

Although Pakistan is not included in the list of the least developed countries of the world, this is considered to be one of those countries where the Internet is available on a limited scale and relatively expensive prices, due to the small number of people are  utilized benefits connected to the Internet.

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