Eight Dead Due to Heavy Snowfall in New York

Snowfall in US

New York: Daily routine has been disturbed and eight people died Due to Heavy Snowfall in New York, United States. According to news agency Reuters Buffalo city and its surrounding areas have been highly affected. Many areas of Sate are still buried under five feet of snow due to heavy Snowfall in New York.

According to Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo, This heavy snowfall in New York had broken all previous records in which many people have lost their lives. He said that this incident is really said and loss is unbearable but they will overcome all these bad happenings. He warned that they could face heavy floods sooner when snow would be melted. Firefighters and other non Government organizations are also working to save people who have been stuck under snow.

Officials say that due to the recent storm in West of the state expected snowfall is equal to the normal snowfall of throughout the year.

Due to snowfall several roads of Western New York has been closed for traffic and train service has also suspended in many areas of New York State.

According to the US Department of Meteorology, since 1976 in November they didn’t see much snow or cold weather in the United States.

Apart from New York, in other States of America many people were trapped in their homes due to bad weather condition. According to the National Weather Service they were also expecting in counties of Vermont and Michigan.

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