Egyptian Woman Took Divorce Due To Her husband’s Baldness


CAIRO: Men consider baldness an odious thing for their personality and this baldness sometimes cause the separation between husband and wife. The same situation happened in Egypt where a woman took divorce from her husband only due to his baldness. The woman made a stance in court that her husband was bald and his body smelt a lot.

According to the reports of Arab media, a family court of Cairo recently gave verdict in which separation between husband and wife was made. The woman submitted in the court that she felt embarrassment in front of her friends due to her husband’s baldness. She pleaded the court to use its special powers in order to ensure her divorce from her husband and she stated that now she does not like her husband due to his Baldness.

It is an unusual incident that has emerged in Egypt. Such a verdict made by the family court has marked question for those males who are bald. Such verdicts will probably create confusion in society and incidents of taking divorce by the women will increase.Many people are criticizing this act of Egyptian woman but few are appreciating her for taking the stand because it’s her Life and she has all the rights to take her decisions independently.People are debating on Social Media Websites over this issue and expressing their opinions.Most of the men are giving negative comments and expressing compassion with the man who got divorced because he has lost his hairs.

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