Ebola Virus Killed Up to 7000 People in West Africa, WHO


Geneva: According to World Health Organization (WHO), Ebola Virus Killed Up to 7000 People in West Africa. Report released by WHO says that Ebola Virus affected approximately 7 thousand Victims in Only West Africa although this report does not includes the early number of affected People. This report also mentioned that the most affected country of this virus is Liberia, in West Africa where 4 thousand affected people have been died and 7 thousand evaluated.

 Ebola Virus was discovered earlier this year in West African countries like Guinea and Liberia which spreads very rapidly in Nigeria, while outbreaks are being made to overcome from this critical condition. Ebola is amongst one of the world’s most dangerous diseases and this virus can kill the affected person in few days.

 Beside of this, Researchers are developing 15 minutes Ebola test and it is six times faster than the similar ones currently in use, if it proves successful, medical staff would be able to identify Ebola patients faster and start treating them sooner. This suit cased laboratory would be charged by solar energy, easily moveable and can detect the virus in the affected body within 15 minutes. The laboratory would be very helpful for the doctors in the areas where hospital and medical facilities are not available as compared to the previous procedure where Genetic Material diagnose the virus and then sent the blood sample to the required laboratory.

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