Drone Attacks Could Stop Tomorrow if Pakistan Wants,US Congress Member

Us Drone

New York: U.S. Congress Representatives on Foreign Relations Allen Grayson said that if Pakistan show some serious interest, drone attacks may stop tomorrow.He also said that such attacks without Pakistan’s consent can not be done.

Speaking with BBC Democratic Congress member Alan grayson said that the Obama administration could not find any evidence that the drone attacks in Pakistan will be stopped by the end of the year.

After PM Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the United States ,foreign affairs adviser Sartaj Aziz told reporters that without any formal announcement drone attacks will be decreased.

Before this,the Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of United State Richard Armytj also said that if Pakistani Govt Want drone attacks can be stoped in Tribal Areas.

The former deputy foreign minister said in an interview that he is not against the attacks, but they should be used with careful consideration because it always take innocent lives.The Government of Pakistan protested the strikes but if Pakistani government is sincere in this matter than these attacks can be stopped by taking some seriuos steps.

Richard armytj said that after Nine-Eleven in any way the U.S. did not declare war but if Pakistan take it as a war, it is his choice.U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and many other matters are dislked by Pakistani people but also the fact that the majority of Pakistanis have no hesitation in coming to America.

Richard armytj was U.S. Deputy Secretary of State during the incident of Nine Eleven and he is the one who put the choice to Parvez Mushara to select one among America and Taliban.


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  1. Dear Richard armytj – This is similar as Americans hate Pakistan but still come to Pakistan and want to control it.

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