Dr Amir Liaquat Humiliating a Participant


Dr Amir Liaquat Humiliating a Participant: People enjoy his show, many want to be part of it. The things like one shown in the video are not suitable morally & ethically. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone to govern/monitor what our anchors, program hosts do. I feel pity for those who are happy to be humiliated like this.

I wonder what those Mullas do who are sitting next to him when he is doing this crappy business, they don’t say a single word? Don’t they feel the duty of “Amar Bil Maroof Nahee Anil Munkir” apply at that time? I seriously feel for it because its been watched by masses & there must be a code of conduct.

It should either be a game show or a religious show… a mix of both is worse combo.

Watch the Video..

Aamir Liaquat to participant- -Aam Khayega Aam… by Regionalpost

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