Don’t Watch “Total Siyapaa” , Even You Get Free Tickets!

Total Siyapaa

Total Siyapaa’s trailers makes us feel that it would be a hilarious and entertaining film , but they clearly do not ! Even Ali Zafar could not save this film from failure.

E. Nivas is director of Total Siyapaa while the story is written by  Neeraj Pandey.  Ali Zafar Yami Gautam and Kiran Kher are the main characters in the movie.

Anupam Kher is also appeared in the movie, but he tends to shine in the second half of the film.

There is not the lack of good moments in the film, but the depressing thing is that such moments are too few and not till the end of the film.

During the movie when you will feel that the next twist will be very interesting, you’ll be disappointed.

The second half of the movie is better than the first half.

Conclusion is this, that do not see this movie, even you get free tickets! :p 😉 😀

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