Three divorces in every single hour take place in Saudia Arabia


Saudia Arabia: In Saudi Arabia every single day eighty two pairs separated and each hour three pairs get divorce. in 2012 thirty thousand men left their wives after divorcing them. Arabia News Alaqtsadyh reported that rate in Saudi Arabia is being constantly increased.

According to this report in Saudi Arabia thousand of divorce cases are reported and this ratio is increasing .in Arabian Gulf countries Saudi Arabia is on second in this list and  Bahrain is first.During the divorce cases in 2012 compared with 2010 figures have been estimated cases of divorce cases in one day was 75.

Audy growing trend of divorce in society by social experts and religious leaders have been expressing deep concern. Saudi Arabia in Tabuk City Court Chairman Sheikh Saud alyusf said that rate of divorce increasing in Saudi society is considered dangerous.

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