Delhi Gang Rape Documentary Gone Viral in India

Delhi Gang Rape Documentary

Delhi Gang Rape Documentary Gone Viral in India and millions of Indian have watched it on Internet.

BBC released a documentary film based on a Gang Rape 2012 in India. Despite the ban on the film millions of Indians have seen it on the internet.

After this documentary film an intents debt has been stared on women’s right and freedom. Aditi Sengupta from New Delhi was also agreed with the critics of this film named India’s Daughter. Film critics criticized that one accused of the brutal gang rape of 23 year old medical students had been interviewed.

Thirty-five-year-old Aditi probably never watch this film but the government ban and intense debate made her curious. And after watching the movies changed her mind. She said: ‘I was shocked by the mindset which was shown in the film. But I think this film should be released, not only because of the rape, but also because of other people. I was shocked to hear the views of the Lawyers than the rapist.

One of convicted of rape and murder Mukesh Singh said “You can’t clap with one hand. She is responsible for the incident because of staying out late at night. A decent girl won’t roam at 9 pm at night. He also said she shouldn’t resist rape so she doesn’t face the torture, which caused her death.”

Two defense lawyers also expressed similar views. AK Singh, a lawyer said “If his unmarried sister or daughter does anything wrong, he would not object to her burning.” The lawyer said “There is no place for women in Indian society.”

In the beginning, people’s attention was on the rapist statements, which were used to promote the film. Now people are angry at the two defense lawyers.

The government banned the film for the sake of justice and peace. But in the Internet era ban was not effective. Although YouTube removed this film from its website, but this film is available on the internet with other names and people are sharing its links freely.

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