The Decreasing Ratio of Boys in Karachi University.

Karachi University GirlsBy : Mehnaz Shaffiq

It has been taking in notice that the average number of boys in Karachi University seems to decrease so rapidly. Some of the people use to say that girls take interest in studies more than boys. Is it really so? Or there are some other things which should be consider to see over all picture of our education system and society.

The decreasing ratio doesn’t prove that boys are not taking interest in education. The inflation in Pakistan is the basic cause. Now Boys prefer to do job after completing their intermediate and continue their studies by enrolling themselves privately. Another important factor is emerging of private sector institutes. As it’s a reality that our society is divided into many segments. We can easily see this division in our education system. Just have a glance at schools in society like government, private then private are further divided into grammar schools level Schools, Montessori etc.

When the school system is not equally working then how can we assume that in University level this division is not there??

Lets talk about the increasing number of girls in Karachi University. The fact is true that there are more girls in Karachi University, but How many of them are in their related fields??

The basic reason behind taking admission in Karachi University is the low fees. Girls intend to take admission just because to get a degree as our society force it to do it to some extent. Parents want to educate their daughter but never allow her to take part in professional life except teaching. The other fascinating service by Karachi University is the point services which made the travelling easy for female students.

On the other hand boys prefer to take admission in private sector institutes so that they can have a bright future.

It is also a fact that in evening section, there are more male candidates than females as most of them are doing job somewhere so we can’t say that boys don’t give importance to education.

The basic reason behind all these facts is disparity which prevails in our society. The authorities however claim that there is equality in our society but the truth is so far from this. Its not only education but all the sectors are facing this problem. There is a need to stop this disparity in education system so that the new generation can bring some fruitful results for the country and it will ultimately bring some positive result in other sectors.


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