Dead Animals Flesh Used to Make Cooking Oil

Dead Animals Flesh Used to Make Cooking Oil

Human being needs food for living and it is quite clear that man cannot live without eating. However, what the people do when this meal becomes poison for them? In today’s world particularly in the developing countries adulteration is common to get extra benefit at the cost of man’s life.

The representatives of the people, sitting in the parliament, even cannot drink except mineral water but they have left the people on the mercy of these profiteers who are selling whatever they want in the name of food.

The lawmakers have not made any law to punish the profiteers for adulteration at the cost of human lives.

Its common saying that dead elephant’s cost increases but in Karachi, other dead animals like dogs and donkeys have their worth.

You will be surprised that black mafia in Karachi’s coastal village Ibrahim Haidri is extracting cooking oil from the meat of dead animals. This oil is supplied not only in the entire port city but several other parts of the country, sources said.

The mafia has hired workers who collect dead animals from the city and dump in the ground. They put the entire dead animal without discrimination (dog, donkey, buffalo and others) in the furnace to extract oil from it.

However, it is hard to know for how many years these people are running this illegal business and how many lives this oil has taken.

Sources said the mafia is running this illegal business in with the assistance of some officials of different department. Neither police nor any concerned department is taking action against these illegal actions in the area, sources added.

A senior official, Assistant Commissioner Ibrahim Haidri and Special Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Yousuf Abbasi said he had taken action against this mafia in June last and removed the constructed wall around the ground but they again have started their illegal business.

He said some accused have been taken into custody and legal action will be taken against them, he, however, said some police officials were also involved with this mafia.

According to information, an active mafia in cattle colony pays Rs500, 000 to District Municipal Corporation for not dumping the dead animals properly. The same mafia also assists the groups to extract oil from these animals.

Dead Animals Flesh Used to Make Cooking Oil

Sources said the burning of dead animals was also not only polluting the air but also the coast of the Karachi.

It may be noted that if action was not taken against these mafias, the illegal business will consume lives of many innocent people.

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