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The Darker Side of National Foods


Pakistanis have increasingly switched their preferences around from natural foods to artificial processed foods. Even not a simple recipe like daal is complete without at least adding red chili and turmeric powder.

So, enter the masters of spice, National foods established in 1970 with the aim of introducing branded and packaged spices which made the cooking as easy as pie by providing packed spices of every recipe.

The company is flourishing day by day but it is getting worse with the quality of their product. They have changed their policy for adapting spices and now they are adding up worms and insects in their products. It has now become a brand and people just buy National Food Products by their name without even checking it for once. They don’t even mind turn the box to check up the expiry date which leads to numerous health issues as they are using artificial flavors to give up the mouth-watering taste as well as worms are found in the spices.

We cannot even imagine the after effects of eating such poor quality food, a lot of adults and children are in their worse health conditions by having these artificially flavored spices. Even with this substandard quality the company is on high ranks and celebrating their victory over the spice industry. Adnan Malik, Chief Commercial Officer, National foods believe the value size to range up to 30 to 40 billion. This is a strong advantage for brands like National and Shan which have the first mover advantage; it presents tremendous effort to exploit these companies.

Now we are the ones to take a step against these companies and switch towards natural spices.  The challenge is that all the glitters are not gold. The greatest gift we can give to our family and world is a healthy us.

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