Customer Claims to Have Found A Deep Fried Rat in His KFC Meal

Rat KFC Meal

With the current outcry over the unsafe content in Maggi noodles, KFC is the new media target now. A Wilmington, California based customer claims to have found a deep fried rat in his KFC meal.

Devorise Dixon confirms that he spotted a fried rodent in his meal from the California branch of the famous fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

A horrified Dixon elaborated that he was busy digging into his KFC meal when he observed the breaded ‘chicken’ to be of a rather suspicious shape. The object had an apparent tail and bore a remarkable resemblance to a rat. On a bite, he explained that the chicken appeared extra chewy and rubbery.

Devorise uploaded several pictures and a video of his distasteful meal before putting it, sealed, in his freezer.

However, the KFC bosses have reported that immediate investigations have ensued after the blame but no evidence to support the claim has been found.

Dixon says that he went back to the outlet on Wednesday and that the manager has admitted to it being a rat and has apologized profusely. He further wrote in his Facebook post that he is even considering a lawsuit.

Rat in Kfc Meal
Customer Claims to Found Deep Fried Rat in KFC Meal

The post by Dixon has undoubtedly gone viral, with over 107,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Meanwhile, KFC denies that it has served a customer a breaded rodent and wrote in reply to a comment on its page, “KFC has made several attempts to contact Mr. Dixon but he is refusing to talk to us directly, or through an attorney. Our chicken tenders differ in size and shape and there is no evidence to support this allegation thus far. We wish to perform an independent, self-financed, lab evaluation of the food item but the customer has denied all sorts of corporation.”

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Since the customer in question has vanished from the scene after the posts, the validity of the blame is not confirmed. However, this sure has unleashed a social media storm for KFC.

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