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Coronavirus Vaccine Will be Out soon

Vaccine by UniCorp will be released once their face saving tactic of 200-400 deaths in USA is complete. I repeat the vaccine of this biological virus was created ever since US started threatening China about Silk route and it’s growing economical influence.

USA is a super power and it will remain a super power with Israel as it’s sub head quarter because to become a super power in this world, you need to be a Satanic worshipper with no heart and feelings, only then you can treat mankind as herds of sheep.

My sympathies with China, Italy and Iran and everyone else.

In coming weeks you will hear bank employees becoming victims of coronavirus because a complete cashless society and absolute state domination is another agenda that UniCorp wish to achieve behind the curtains after it has successfully tempered China and shown local establishments of its new weapon.

In this same year “the middle east peace plan” of converting Palestinian lands into internationally recognized territory of Israel will be accomplished because now the Arabs have witnessed the worst face and yet new weaponry of USA and hardly Any one will resist it.

There will be a lot of bloodshed this Ramadan in Palestine and Syria and the worst part is that the world will keep watching.

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