CNN Special report on Dr.Aamir liaquat’s abandoned babies gift



CNN Special report on giving abandoned babies as a gift in live show of Dr.Aamir liaquat’s Ramadan Special transmission ” Amaan ramzan ” by Geo-tv.
Share your views! is this putting positive impact or negative ?





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    1. Agree with u n CNN is againt Muslims
      Saima Mohsin is a Hypocrites
      Shame on CNN
      Amaan Razan is very respectable show n if he is doing welfare work so y others are jealous

      1. No offence but…..haven’t it ever crossed ur mind why so many journalists and tv broadcasters are against Amir Liaqat???……he has some
        behaviour issues nd tell me one thing wat kind of person
        ask his guest of honour to sing a song in ramazan transmission……..
        Although its not a crime but ethinically its not acceptable…
        Any how……CNN was wrong by saying dat Amir Liaqat was giving
        babies as gifts…… was a help from his side to those who dont have kids
        …….and we all know very clearly dat how “OUR” society treats a woman who cant
        have kids………

    1. Y u r accepting the wrong report I invite u to watch atleast one episod of this show then u can judge it
      first watch then think

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