Clarification on Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Pakistan has been naturally endowed with large reserves of pink Himalayan rock salt in the form of salt mines in Khewra. Pink salt is very high in demand all around the world and is exported in large volumes from Pakistan. There has been a lot of false information circulating on social media about rock salt exports to India at very low prices.

Total rock salt exports to India have never crossed over 24,000 tons and always much lower than this. Most of this rock salt is consumed in India locally and hardly ten percent of it is exported by India. Even if India manages to export the entire volume of 24,000 tons of rock salt then they would generate approximately 4.8 million USD (24,000 tons x 200 USD per ton). 

These are very overestimated figures which show that it is quite impossible that India is generating billions of dollars from this business. When Pakistan was handed over to us by the British, it was clearly mentioned on the papers that ICI (East India Company at the time) would get access to ONLY the brine generated from the salt mines for use in its soda ash factory at Khewra.

Most of the pictures of the salt products circulating through social media are actually processed and packed in Pakistan by Hub Salt and exported directly all over the world as value-added products. In fact, we are the ones who named the rock salt as ‘Pink Himalayan Salt’ back in 1986.

Ismail Suttar 
Hub Salt

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