Chinese Scientists Innovation LiFi to Replace WiFi


WiFi Technology is soon going to be the history of past because Scientists from Fudan Shanghai have developed Li-Fi Technologya new alternate and cheaper way of getting access to internet by using signals sent by light bulbs,happens to be very different from the current WI-Fi technology.

According to the the team of researchers in Fudan University in Shanghai,A light bulb with  microchips can produce data rates as fast as one fifty Mbps, which far fast than the average broadband connection.

Chinese Scientists are claiming that this new technology will replace WiFi and WiFi will be the history of past soon because LiFi is very cheap and fast than WiFi so everybody can easily get access to internet.

This new innovation LiFi will be on display at the China International Industry Fair that will be starting from on 5 November 2013 in Shanghai.

Li-Fi Technology; Internet through Lightbulbs

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