Chinese Company to Build Disneyland in Lahore

Disneyland in Lahore

A Chinese company is going to build Disneyland in Lahore city of Pakistan. This project will be sponsored by Provincial Government of Punjab and will cost approximately 36 billion rupees.

Government of Punjab has signed an agreement with a Chinese group for construction of a Disneyland Theme Park in Lahore city of Punjab province. This park will have all the facilities of real Disneyland.

Golden Bean Group of China will complete this mega project in one and a half year and this park would be the first of its kind in Pakistan. The original Disneyland is located in California State of United states of America. It was built in 1955 under the supervision of Walt Disney. People from all over the world wish to see Disneyland once in life and this is great news that Pakistan is going to have its own Disneyland in Lahore.

This news is getting viral on social Media websites including Twitter and Facebook, people are going crazy for this upcoming park because there is not such kind of Park is built in Pakistan before. Such projects show the progress of any nation and government should sign more projects like that and one thing is important is, this project should be completed with any type corruption and should be completed within time.

While on the other hand many people are criticizing this and many people are questioning that Theme parks run on Electricity when Pakistan have never had electricity every day since Pakistan history has a problem from day one always lacking electricity how can they archive to run a theme park sort all the electricity in whole of Pakistan first before wasting so much money?? Look in the whole world where they never have a problem with electricity problem ever that’s why their countries can archive theme parks and good facilities for the people of those countries in whole world Pakistan can’t move forward they are so behind in every thing.

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