China Will Send 120 Artificial Satellites In Space

Artificial Satellite

BEIJING: China will send 120 artificial satellites in space. According to the Chinese officials, China has decided to send 120 artificial satellites in space in order to form its personal space infrastructure for the sake of fulfilling the social and economical needs of the country.

 According to the media, deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Yang Baohua has said that the economy of China is growing very fast which requires developing relevant space technology.

 Yang Baohua has further said that China has planned to send approximately 70 artificial satellites which can stay still on more distance which can cover earth so that so that climate change can be estimated in advance.

 He has added that China will send 20 more satellites into space for communication so that the responsibility of social needs and national security can be performed. Yang Baohua has not mentioned the date of sending these satellites yet.

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