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Chapter 13 : Pakistan Army on Your Shoes ?

Chapter 13 Shoes

Chapter 13 : Pakistan Army on Your Shoes ? Caught your attention ? It caught mine as well. This heading may make a few in Pakistan happy and many in India, very happy but it is much more serious than what you may think.

Pakistan Army Jotay

Let me explain. There is a company by the name of Chapter 13 based in Pakistan which is making shoes with the medals of Pakistan Army on the straps of the shoes. For those who do not know what Chapter 13 stands for, it stands for an American Bankruptcy Law. But here in Pakistan this company has shown absolute MORAL BANKRUPTCY.

By putting the medals and insignia of the Armed Forces on to the shoes, where shoes in our culture are considered a sign of disrespect, JOOTAY KI NOOK PER, JOOTAY KHANA, JOOTON KI KHAAK…etc, such an anti state, anti Pakistan, and anti everything stance is being used to promote a brand and make money out of it. Why do we need enemies when we have such ‘PATRIOTIC” businesses in Pakistan…

And for those Freedom Of Expression lovers, this is not freedom of artistic expression. It is blatant anti-state activity. It is absolutely disrespectful towards our national institution. Not even in America, The so called Flag Bearer of Freedom Of Expression Movement, can you put the U.S. Armed Forces Insignia on shoes. Not even the Armed Forces themselves have an Insignia on their own shoes.

What is next ? Quad-E-Azam’s picture on Toilet paper ? Allama Iqbal’s poetry in a porn movie background music ? Minaar-E-Pakistan on boxers ? Mazar-E-Quad’s picture on a Whisky Bottle… Where the hell would this stop ? Where…… ??

By : Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

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