Chad Bans Islamic Veil After Two Suicide Bombings


Chad bans Islamic veil after deadly Boko Haram attacks.

The full faced Muslim veil got banned by a crisis committee on Tuesday in Chad on Wednesday after 33 people lost their lives this week in a suicide bomber attack. The suspected assailant behind the bombings is the Nigerian Islamist group, Boko Haram.

Some prosecutors have also been arrested the same day.

The Prime Minister, Kalzeube Pahimi Deubet, has commanded the security officials to seize these burkas from the market place and set them on fire.

While addressing the religious leaders in a speech a day before the start of the Muslim religious month, Ramadan, the PM highlighted, “Wearing the burqa must be put to stop immediately from today, not only in public places and schools but throughout the whole of the country.”

Furthermore, he pointed that any type of attire which only exposed the eyes is considered to be a form of ‘camouflage’ and since the full-faced burqa falls under the category so it is now banned.

He instructed the religious leaders present at that time to spread the word in their mosques, churches, temples and similar worshipping places.

Deubet ordered the security forces to raid the markets and confiscate all the burkas on sale and burn them.

Moreover, he informed that anyone found wearing a burqa “would be arrested, tried and sentenced in summary proceedings.”

The suicide bombings on Monday had been the first of such attacks in Chad and the Nigerian Boko Haram Jihadists are held responsible for this bloody assault.

The terrorist group has previously made use of women to hide the explosive devices under their clothing.

The government of Chad has declared three days mourning for the 33 dead civilians and the 100 casualties in the blasts.

President Idriss Deby opined that he was “not surprised” the country has been a target for violence due to the leading role its army plays in a regional offensive against Boko Haram fighters operating out of north-eastern Nigeria.

A few protective measures have been taken to avoid any such unfortunate happening in the offing.

The security has been stepped up in N`Djamena on Tuesday. The patrolling has been thickened and the vehicles are being stopped for a security check.

Also, the vehicles with tainted glass have been removed from the streets and the presidential palace and the police headquarters has been sealed off.

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