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371 Drones Strikes In 9 Years

Peshawar: Since 2004,371 Times US drone attacks violate Pakistan’s sovereignty,The first Drone attack was done in 28 April 2004 in the Government of Parvez Musharaf.In his era,36 Times Drone ttacks hit the Tribal areas of Pakistan. After his Government,the Elected …

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Pakistanis Love Their Corrupt Leaders

By : Ajmal Masroor This weekends election in Pakistan is posed to deliver a decisive victory to Nawaz Sharif and his party the Muslim League. Pakistan was founded on the basis of a homeland for the Muslims of India, who …

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Beygairat Brigade’s New Song Partially Banned In Pakistan

Beygairat Brigade’s new song Dhinak Dhinak , has been banned by some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the country for Targeting the army. Ali Aftab, the band’s front man, said that the Internet providers were simply helping the bands’ cause …

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Tribute To Hukam Khan

Hukam Khan is one of the many unsung heroes of Pakistan. During his career, he diffused hundreds of bombs, including 200 in year alone and saving thousands of lives. All the procedure adopted was done without the gizmos we see …

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