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Surprising Benefit of Cigarette

Have you ever heard the surprising Benefit of cigarette? For decades, scientists and health professionals are proving that cigarette is…

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10 Best Ways to Sleep Better

10 Best Ways to Sleep Better: According to the survey of American psychological Association sixty-three percent people say that getting…

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Some of the Most Unique Sneakers Will Blow Your Mind

In the World of Sneakers Design and color combination is very important that makes them different and unique from each…

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Should ‘Heart’ be the symbol of ‘Love’?

By : Asad Kamal Abbasi Do you believe one could ever give some shape to emotions? A distinct shape? Well…

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Hum TV’s Website Gets Hacked For Spreading Vulgarity

Hum TV, country’s top entertainment TV channel, was hacked last night as a protest against spreading vulgarity in the society.…

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Veena Malik Allows Artist To Paint Landscapes On her Body

Pakistani actress has allowed her body to be used as a canvas for an artistic collaboration between herself and the…

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Mathira discussing her Condom Add with Nida Yasir in Ary Live Show

This is shameful for Pakistani Media as Mathira discussing her Condom Add with Nida Yasir in a Live Show and…

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