Capital TV Employees Demand for 6 Months Unpaid Salaries

Capital Tv

Capital TV is once again black in News for not paying salaries to its staff for 6 months. Employees tried to protest against management of Capital TV but they can’t even raise their voice over this injustice or else they would be fired. This is the third time it’s happened that employees are not getting their salaries and dues on time.

The worst size of the picture is that the Managing Director of Capital TV Mr Basit Riaz Sheikh is threatening those employees who are asking for salaries. Pakistan Electronic Regulatory Media Authority (PEMRA) is also not taking this seriously and ignoring the injustice behavior of Capital TV management with their workers. This issue is getting hot on Social Media and many famous Journalists have Tweeted and shared on Facebook about this issue.

Those employees who left Capital TV few months ago due to unpaid salaries are still trying to get their unpaid dues. One of the Employees said that management and owners are earning millions of rupees from channel but they can’t even pay few thousand to their workers who are working for the Channel.

There are also few other Media Groups who are not paying salaries to their Employees or delaying the dues without any kind of Notice but Capital TV has broken all the records.

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It is to be mentioned that in 2013 a journalist of Capital TV Benazir Mehdi tried to commit suicide because of unpaid salary. In July 2013 journalists also staged a protest against capital TV management and managing director for harassing a Reporter over EOBI corruption story.

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