Can We Have Our Priorities Right to Actually Improve Karachi

Improve Karachi

Can We Have Our Priorities Right to Actually Improve Karachi? All I see every morning is a post of some expensive car of someone from Government with a fake/illegal plate.

It doesn’t even affect anyone. Can we stop crying about Government and start pointing out and fixing our own mistakes that actually cause problems? Or our illegal parking and our dangerous bike riding.

Littering, Loitering, Supporting child labor, Beggary, Bad business ethics, on payment of income tax, Black money and many more is going on everywhere.

It’s disgusting how we just cry about Government and I ignore our responsibilities do nothing to make things better. Public pressure is must to get funds going and work done e.g. tractors to pick trash, trash collection vehicles, collection staff, patch work and road construction, street lights, gutter cleaning, garbage, road markings and speed breakers, parking spaces etc

 I was very active in suggestions on this forum but gradually I realized that majority among us are only there to criticize and it has become more of a gossip and criticism group rather than a constructive one.

All the more when I tried to make a group that is a area committee to at least start from my own neighborhood none was keen to contribute time and skills to up lift the area we live in which I suggested with small donations from each house so we can resolve the garbage dumping in Karachi and sanitary/ hygiene issues in our area but my efforts seemed a waste of time.

Chinese Company Will Soon Start Collecting Garbage in Karachi

Someone rightly said when just for meager 2 rupees a common man corrupts the system to travel without a ticket in a train then the rulers of that country corrupt for 2 millions. Only wise ones will understand what this means.

 I totally understand what you feel. I am personally trying myself to have a clean society and educate the shop people and the residents to throw trash in a sensible manner after all everyone is sensible no one is a mental.

Speaking about the plan with residents i was applauded but did not get donations at all, many were like maintenance charges includes everything and yet extra, and on asking any better option- all i would get is criticism and blames as if spoken by angels.

This did not demotivate me at all. So I tried and planned out things at very low cost and acted upon them so I see the same people who were criticizing were like appreciating me so it’s started working but at a slow pace.

Once you has a clean society you have at least a strong ground to show neighboring society and make it happen.

People a clean society gives u an edge on selling. So keep your society clean.

 Well you know we have guards in half of the lane and the last few houses have been left out mutually as the two houses in end lane do not want to contribute towards the charges paid to the guards company for their salaries result just because of these two three houses the ones in between who were willing to pay have been left out too, in every neighborhood we have few such families.

We have issues too but I pay my maids extra to take garbage daily and dispose at Garbage on their way home, BUT while I am trying to at least keep my surroundings clean, the neighbors children keep throwing wrappers and other litter empty juice boxes etc out of their windows from the apt illegally constructed adjacent to us and with wind it all ends up at my entrance.

Ours is a residential area but with the illegal cooperation of PECHS society chairman Mr. Awan the respective builders were allowed to build apt. building next to our house.

So the issues are not as simple as you think Taha Ansari, twice I have paid from my pocket for the damages caused by others and how long will I continue to keep paying for those who neither have ethics nor civic sense.

Absolutely you are very right no doubt at that.

Nothing is easy and nothing is impossible too. Well things never happen overnight. These resistances actually built ones inner self.

You are educated you got the confidence to brief very well but, COMMUNICATION I is one big issue no doubt at that People between 35-50up don’t want to change at all,. Because they are so busy in their own problems.

So think it this way how will people know you want a clean environment, this was how it all started i jotted down ALL the ideas many were lame some were like totally unrealistic but I ended up educating the sweepers what you should do and how are you doing it and like I just bought some bins and like told them to keep garbage properly at a side don’t leave it and telling them be nice to people I respect them as no profession is bad.

So just try telling these kids don’t litter around and if you see someone doing it call them over and educate, deal in a polite manner.

I totally understand your problem it’s not easy at all.

No intentions to make you accountable you are my elder and do please educate me if you think I am wrong somewhere. .

I will end the discussion here as resistance can be understood but humiliation cannot be tolerated. United we stand divided we fall, unless we show people power like other alive nations corruption, systems and procedural misuse, lawlessness will not end.

The people on seats have to learn to respect the position they are given and stop misusing our paid tax money.

Face of the country will only change when we all educated class come out of our comfort zones and raise our voice united.

Or else accept and live the way we are in similar deteriorating and painful manner. We are already paying to these corrupt officials through multiple taxes and now we pay from our pocket individually to make improvements WHY?

Why should we not unite, get up and raise our voice like an educated and sensible nation at least those who are educated and mentally literate to force them to work and deliver what is expected from them and for the oath they have given taking over public offices (These are my thoughts and others have the right to agree or disagree to these views).

The real problem creator are Government Officials who do not follow rules and laws strictly as they r playing in the hands of influential and politicians.

Their attitude and actions are discriminating and partial. You may do almost all illegal and unfair deeds by spending money so what can a poor do in this mess.

Do you think that a common man can restrict such people of their wrong doings?

  1. A corolla driver and a motorcycle rider both give bribe to the policeman. — No political background–.2. Beating the crap out of drivers is common in posh areas of Pakistan…– I know many who are rich but no political background.3. WE break the traffic rules during office hours and blame the rickshaw motorcycle. Why because they know how uncivilized we are.

    4. Majority business men are cheater.
    5. Fruit sellers a fraudulent.
    6. They can get you clear in any kind of Exam.

    I do clean myself the outside area in front of my house after every week or so, with broom without having ashamed as the area sweeper do not visit to clean and to lift scattered garbage on the adjoining street too not only that but refrain the neighbors to put their trash on the street and in front of an empty plot.

It happened so many times also that I filled the small ditches and holes with stones and derbies, which were causing problems for smooth running of vehicles.

I watch helplessly people throwing garbage and waste on green belt in front of schools in Karachi. No doubt that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation workers lift that garbage occasionally but the quantity of that garbage remains so much that it is practically impossible to clean the whole green belt.

The main aspect using this group is to spread civic sense among us; it is very helpful to point out such slackness and irregularity.

We can motivate Karachiites to start to clean all sort of mess from their own and compel to concerned department to do their given job. I have seen so many people who must have been in service or went on retirement, which belongs to such departments, could do something in this respect.


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