Can Facebook Hear What I am Saying? Here is the Truth

“Can Facebook Hear What I am Saying? If not, why do I get targeted with ads about something that I just discussed with my friend?”

This is a misconception.

Facebook does not and will not listen in to your conversations. It can, but it will not. This does not, in any way, mean that Facebook is innocent. No. Facebook has a lot of data on you, more than you can imagine.

So why is it that you feel that you are being targeted based on what you spoke about and didn’t even search anywhere? Let me explain:

How does an interest develop? It develops based a number of factors such as your gender, your age, your location, your nationality, your language, your earnings, your demography, your phone, your laptop, your browser, your birthday, your friend’s birthday, your wedding, your friend’s wedding, your lifestyle, and much much more.

How The Media Can Manipulate Our Viewpoint

We, the marketers, do not target you per se. We target the interests, the demographics, the behavior, the technology. Actually, it is our job to sieve you out of the noise; to do pinpoint targeting. It is our main KPI.

Imagine thousands of digital marketers competing against each other to target the right audience accurately. The more accurate it is, the more at-home it will seem to be.

So this boils down to accuracy. If you spoke about it, you were interested in it. Your interest was governed by a number of factors. Some marketer like me figured it out and targeted you based on those factors and it hit your interest; which eventually hit you.

I mean I’m no magician and I can do that to you any time I want. Who knows? I probably already do.

You can also see the information that Facebook has on you here: https://www.facebook.com/your_information/

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