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The Bitter Reality of Our Health System

Mohammad Moosa-(15 July, 2017– 5,Jan 2018) Its about Jan 3, 2017 Wednesday night at when Moosa started crying and we were unable to find the reason ( he had no fever, no coughing) ,we tried all the home natural remedies and the medicine we had at home but the little angel din’t stop crying,the only nearby hospital to our home was BBH and we decided not to take him there as we have zero trust on this hospital,Next day at early morning we took him to nearby private hospital and the doctor told us not to worry he is all OK, we did his Chest X-ray and blood C.P on the advice of doctor and the reports were good,We brought him home but the Moosa din’t stop crying, it was around 6:Pm on 4 Jan, 2018 we took him to Prof. Rai Asghar (Child Specialist in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad) and he told us that your kid is suffering from Pneumonia (at this time he was up with 103′ Fever as told by Rai asghar, he din’t use any device to check the temp since he himself is a thermometer…irresponsible!!!!

He was only concern about his fee and he was in very hurry to check the next patient..this guys should be put behind the bars) and wrote the prescription ,we stayed in his clinic for almost 3 hours for medication,at the end he again examined the baby and told us to go home as he is now normal, on the way back to home he was all quite but as soon as we reached home he again started crying and then cried all the night,we thought medicine will take time to act and he will be all right tomorrow but the reaction was completely different as he stop crying at 9:am on 5 January, 2018 and completely got silent.

We thought is normal now but soon we realized that he has no more energy to cry and he could not even breath, In rush we had no idea where to take him and finally decided to go to Children hospital PIMS Islamabad, there was a huge crowd of kids all around crying and the doc was only one and that too a young trainee lady doctor (this is why hundreds of thousands of kids die in Pakistan every year becausethis pathetic health system) the doc examine Moosa and told us that your kid is in very serious condition and up with 104″ Fever, she wrote prescription and shifted us to emergency ward,we were asked to remove all his cloth and they put on a piece of wet cloth on him to lower his temp and injected many injections, he was lying on the bed there for almost 30 mins there and then we were shifted to some another ward,In short they were very careless and had no idea what to do with the kid due to no experience and proper training, I decided to take him to Al-Shifa International Hospital,Islamabad, I booked a private ambulance and we rushed towards the Al-Shifa,They denied to admit my kid due to non-availability of beds..seriously?? Our kids was fighting for his life so we din’t argue and rush towards another private hospital Kulsoom Internation, Islamabad, they also denied for not having beds or non-availability of life saving machines for kids, it was very shocking for me and without wasting a minute we rush towards Ali medical F-8, KRL G-9, QIH, Golra morre and Maroof inter-nation F-10, they all denied to save the life of kid and the reason they were giving was non-availibility of beds or ventilators for kids, does it even make any sense??? To cut the long story short,we rushed back to PIMS, Islamabad and as we entred the PIMS laid him on the bed but he was no more then….!!!!!

I put complete responsiblity on PIMS, Islamabad Children hospital for their carelessness and irresponsible behavior, why din’t they put my kid on ventilator when they were seeing him hardly breathing?? who will change this system??? for how long we will kill our children with our own hands??? why my doctors (not all) of my country are so heartless??? why don’t they value humans??? 

PIMS, Islamabad is in the capital of Pakistan and this is its condition..who will regulate these private hospitals?? why there are no separate hospitals for kids in my country??? Why we people don’t raise our voice against this system??? The only reason of sharing this story is to save future kids and demand gov to improve the hospitals of At least Capital of the country, Islamabad!

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