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What is Hijama and What are the Benefits of Hijama on Health

What is Hijama

Hijama, also known as Cupping is an ancient procedure for removing any toxins from the body to avoid many diseases. From an Islamic point of view, it is linked back to prophet Muhammad (Sallallah o Alayeh e Wasallam) thus also making it a sunnah which the prophet recommended to have done.

What is Hijama

A Hijama specialist applies small incisions (in a very sterile environment) on the points (for the start it means 3 points on the lower back, I’ll show pictures also.

This is the most common Sunnah, but points can be increased or treated in next sessions including neck, back side of head and certain other points) to draw the blood out and then pressure is applied by applying cups and vacuum created using suction pumps.

The process of applying cups is repeated twice with each time removing the unwanted blood. The whole process takes around 30 minutes.

You need to apply bandage on the exposed part for couple of hours and the area is fully healed within 3-4 days.

Certain medical benefits are associated with doing Hijama where recent example can be taken from Olympians going for this treatment.

Hijama in Karachi

As for places in Karachi, I’ll let somebody else speak as I’m not much aware about it.

Just one advice, don’t go for more than 3-4 cups each session and give a break of 2-3 months between each session.

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